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About the company

“ROV Survey Technologies” - the first company in Ukraine, providing a complex of underwater services with the use of remotely operated vehicle, ROV.

Company products – various types of underwater surveys and inspections, using ROV which are absolutely new in Ukraine, but in the world, it is getting a common, widely extended, standard service, the advantages of which are already appreciated by large-scale companies (CMA CGM) and the world's leading classification societies ( DNV, LR, ABS), which introduce standards and regulations for this trustworthy technology.

Company services:

“ROV Survey Technologies” provides the following services using small inspection class ROVs:

  • Underwater inspections, recording and broadcasting of video, providing the ability to client to watch it live via the Internet;
  • Classification inspection of vessels, berths and port facilities;
  • Inspections of collectors, pipelines, treatment facilities, pumping stations;
  • Infrastructure inspection (flood gates, bridges, dams, etc.);
  • Measurement of distances, dimensions, depths, temperatures and other data;
  • Search and recovery of sunken objects;
  • Depth measurements, hydrographic surveys, mapping;
  • Cleaning of small vessel’s hulls, yachts, elements of vessel’s hull;
  • Tanks inspection and cleaning;
  • Support of diving operations;

Underwater vessel hull inspection

When the «ROV Survey Technologies» team performs this demanded and necessary work, the customer gets a unique set of tools to make an operational decision.

Live broadcasted underwater video can be viewed simultaneously by experts from various departments, in different parts of the world, anywhere where there is Internet access, even on your phone!

To make a conclusion, there is no need for the inspector of the classification society or technical manager to be present at the place of work, you can manage the inspection remotely, and receive data in real time.

With the use of the online feedback feature, you can easily direct the robot to review any area viewed or to double-check any measurement.

Underwater cleaning of small vessel’s hulls, reservoirs in the fulfill state, elements of vessel’s hull

ROV Survey Technologies, in partnership with the Italian company Keel Crab, has an ROV for automatic cleaning of underwater surfaces, small vessel hull’s, tanks fulfilled with water, various underwater surfaces in need of cleaning.

When cleaning small vessels, it is a tool for hull maintenance without decommissioning or dry docking.
Maintaining reservoirs, the advantage is the absence of the need to drain it, as well as full video recording of the process, with the ability of visual comparison of the state of “before” and “after” cleaning.

The robot is controlled remotely by the operator, driven by rubber tracks. Cleaning elements are the various types of brushes, rubber rollers, melamine sponges. The formula of cleaning elements can be changed and selected depending on the task.

The brushes are A.N.C.C.P. certified and do not remove anti-fouling paints. On the contrary, they make them last longer: numerous tests have shown that removing the first layer of vegetation (3/5 mm) on a regular basis significantly extends the efficiency of the anti-fouling agent; this prevents barnacles from attaching to the hull in the medium term.

Hydrographic / bathymetry survey

ROV with the single beam echo sounder, positioning system and professional licensed package of hydrographic software from our Dutch partner is used for detailed bathymetry survey.

It gives possibilities:

  • to perform depth survey, in confined areas that are inconvenient for inspection with other means of measurement (limited conditions, low depth, non-standard configuration of the area);
  • for close mapping of ports, yacht clubs, inland waterways, reservoirs, navigation channels, beaches;
  • to acquire bottom relief on the areas where underwater construction or dredging is carried out;
  • to calculate the volume of water in reservoirs, the volume of works carried out or necessary dredging works;
  • creation of depth contours with saving in all possible formats (AutoCAD DXF or Google Earth KML /KMZ), conversion of hydrographic data files between different map projections;

Underwater robots provide “underwater participation effect” without any risks to human health and life. Robot can work in harsh weather conditions day and night. The special advantage of using robots are dangerous places, such as collectors, gateways or places with high current speed, low visibility, temperature, confined conditions.


ROV can’t completely replace divers, but in such activities as inspections and measurements - advantages are on the side of technology, because it is faster, more efficient and the final data are clear and reliable. This is the technical information that can be referenced in the preparation of expert’s reports.